The area of packaging materials is a key area for Emidan. Large volumes are constantly being sourced and distributed to various customers worldwide. Emidan sources packing materials from South East Asia and Europe. The materials primarily consist of co-extruded films for the food and beverage industry. Asia has a long history of lower raw material prices compared to Europe. This, combined with a continued improvement in technology has made sourcing of plastic packaging materials in Asia highly competitive.

When identifying suppliers, Emidan spends considerable resources on supplier screening, evaluations and tests. Focus is on teaming up with professional and resourceful suppliers who are able to bring technical knowledge and market insights to a partnership. Constant product development is key to Emidanís success. Through years of collaboration with well-established suppliers in the Far East, Emidan has access to a wide variety of packaging materials ranging from all types of co-extruded films to barrier films, metalized films and label sleeves. Emidan is always in close contact with the supplier and is always able to provide control and inspection services.